Businesswoman in superwoman conceptLove Your Work

That degree on your wall isn’t a Master’s in “Suffering At Work”.

And you don’t have to suffer anymore.

My name is Maria Lironi and I help brilliant corporate women get the promotion, respect, and money they deserve.

What does that look like?

Improving your job performance, and increasing your value at work.

Finally getting up the nerve to go after that promotion.

Deciding it’s time to find a job that’s a better fit (with better pay).

So that…

They’ll finally come to you for answers. You’ll finally earn the money you deserve. Or maybe you’ll make a new start by landing the job that gives you both.

Because life’s too short to waste it working a job you don’t love.

Want to talk about how you can finally shift from invisible to incredible in your career?

Contact me now.

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Career Coaching

Like your job but you want more (value, money, respect, plum projects)? Having a shitty time at work but not sure what you can do about it? Need a new gig? I can help. Contact me today.
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Career Tools

Resumes, cover letters, bios, and LinkedIn profiles. Job-hunting support. Grab the tools you need to get the job. Check out my services.
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Executive Coaching

Learn how working with me will make you better at what you do. Book a free confidential consultation with me today.