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Only one will land you the job you want

Spending long nights searching for THE job you know is out there, waiting for you, is one of the most frustrating activities in the known galaxy. Second only to sweeping up that last line of dirt that refuses to go onto the dustpan.

You’ve submitted resume after resume. You’ve followed up on countless submissions. You’ve been out for THREE INTERVIEWS at the same company, yet…


It almost feels like the job that you long for will stay out of reach.

And if you have to spend any more time behind the desk of your current gig? Things might get ugly.

Kiss all of that fun goodbye.

Combing through novels of posts on the internet to find THE ONE you want, only to discover it was actually posted 6 months before (and has since been filled), is DONE.

You have now entered the realm of bliss (or as close to it as one could possibly get!) in the world of job hunting.

Maria provided me with valuable assistance in my transition from my long-term position as a high school counsellor to become a leadership coach with the Yukon Government. She helped me align the job description to my skill set which made it easy to determine what the employer wanted, and see where my skills and experience matched. Maria also assisted me in creating the material and mindset that helped me nail the interview and get the job. If you are looking to switch careers, do yourself a favour and hire Maria as your career coach!

Tanya Lanigan

Professional Learning Coach, Yukon Government

Together, you and I are going to:

  • Career through Magnifying Glass.Nail a clear vision of what that right job is for you
  • Create the crystal clear strategy you need in order to land said perfect job
  • Meet regularly to give you the insight and support to keep you focused and positive throughout the process of searching, applying, and interviewing. Because..mindset!
  • Develop custom, professional employment search tools to take your search beyond HeadHunter.com
  • Prepare you for interviews and other important scenarios you could encounter, so you’re ready for anything potential ideal employers can throw at you

So you can stop:

  • Applying for jobs that aren’t a good fit for you or your goals
  • Feeling demoralized and down because you’ve been applying for lots of jobs and not getting interviews OR getting the interviews, but not being hired
  • Wasting time that causes you financial and emotional stress because high-end jobs are harder to find—especially in a tough economy
  • Being just another name on a resume in a sea of applicants vying for the same high-paying positions
  • Sweating the small stuff that’s stopping you from going all-out for that position you’re drooling over
  • Avoiding writing the cover letter that will make them take notice
  • Submitting the same resume to every position, regardless of the differences you need to highlight
  • Avoiding LinkedIn because you’re not sure how to create a professional and powerful profile that will get you attention—because, yes, LinkedIn does work

In the corporate world, things work differently. I’m the difference.

My name is Maria.

And you’ll have the power of my 20+ years experience in the corporate arena on your side to help you see what they see, to help you understand what they’re looking for most, and to help you find that one job that fully aligns with your career goals.

Because I’ve been where you are. And I’ve been on the other side of the search.

That’s the duality that gives you the leg up on the men and women who are competing with you for the position you want most.

Maria coached me on finding and getting to the next step in my career. We worked on job finding and interview skills and I just have to say she was fantastic! It had been seven years since my last interview and she assured and empowered my confidence. She helped me create and anticipate interview questions and patiently worked with me to develop answers for them. We also worked through different question structures and how to phrase the answers. It increased my comfort level when it came to speaking and reduced my nervousness. Needless to say, I got that next step in my career. When it comes time for another leap, Maria will be my first call. Thanks, Maria!

Chris George

Technologist, Capital Systems and Technical Services, Alberta Health Services

What you’ll get to help you land the high-paying job you long for:

Employment search support – 20 weeks

20 hours of career coaching to use throughout the 20 week period. Have a special interview coming up? We’ll use these hours to prep. Maybe you want to use these hours to hone your performance, so that when you do leave? You’ll walk away with a powerful reference.

And the best part? If you have hours left in your bank after you’ve found a new job, you can use these hours then, so you’re not left trying to learn the ropes alone.

(Value $5,000)

Resume Goodies

  • Feedback on your existing resume
  • A new professionally-written resume optimized with keywords that show employers you have the relevant skills they want (this also helps employer scanning software pick up on YOUR application, instead of simply dismissing it)
  • Training on how to customize your resume for each job you apply for (hint: this, like the Employment Search Support makes this package invaluable, especially if you outgrow your new position)

(Value $750)

A Great Google Resume

  • Learn how to reshape your online presence into one that makes employers want to hire you

(Value $250)

Cover Letter Goodies

  • Feedback on your existing cover letters so you’ll know what’s working well and what will get you better results
  • One-on-one training on how to write a cover letter that gets you the interview
  • Editing/proofreading of the cover letters you write during our time together so you’ll always come off sounding polished and professional

(Value $1000 +)

A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

  • Feedback on your existing LinkedIn profile
  • A professionally-written warm and inviting LinkedIn profile that makes it easy for the leaders in your industry (and potential employers) to find you and want to connect with you
  • Customized one-on-one LinkedIn training so you can get the most out of the platform (Read: More job leads and conversions)

(Value $750)

Networking Brilliance

  • Learn how to network in a way that feels good (and authentic)
  • Find out how to create a networking strategy that keeps you top-of-mind so you’ll be the first woman employers think of when a new opportunity comes up
  • Understand how to keep your networks energized and mobilized, so you’ll hear about new job openings as they emerge
  • Discover how you can create alliances, both outside your present organization and within it

Job Interview Preparation

  • Preparing, so you get the offer and not the rejection
  • Learn how to research the company so you walk in with a clear understanding of the people who will be interviewing you
  • Discover what questions employers typically ask and how best to answer them, so you’re never be tongue-tied again
  • Learn how to feel more comfortable about the interview process and improve your performance (practice, practice, practice)
  • Create a post-interview strategy that leaves a great impression and keeps you on the short list of candidates

Everything you need to land the high-paying corporate position you want is right here. With this package, with my expertise, you’ll no longer blend into the crowd. You’ll finally have the strategy and search smarts to make your job hunt hit your target.

Investment: $5,997 (value $7,000)   – payment plans available

Maria helped turn things around for me at a critical point in my career. I’m now in a role that engages and challenges me, while providing professional development opportunities that align with my overarching career objectives. In short, I’m happy. I look forward to going to work each day and I love my team. I can say without reservation that Maria was instrumental in helping me achieve my professional goals, and working with her was one of the best on the job decisions I’ve ever made.

Tanya Tighe

Manager, Organizational Health and Safety, School District of Abbotsford

The difference between you and the rest of the candidates who wish they could land the job you want? Me.

Let’s see how we can work together. Schedule your free consultation today.