LinkedIn for Professionals

Finding a new job (or getting that promotion) can make you feel like you’ve been thrown into the wild.

Welcome to the jungle. It’s not always fun and games.

Working woman and leisure timeGone are the simple days of applying for positions and hoping employers check your references.

Now, corporate headhunters and HR higher-ups are doing who-knows-what on their quest to find your digital fingerprint.

They’ll find your social media profiles, any coverage of the work you do (or the awards you won in high school), and everything else the web captures from your life. Maybe they’ll check out your local paper’s coverage of your latest innovative work, but they won’t stay long.

The search is their bait to bring in the best candidates, and you have to show up where they’re ready to invest their time.

Enter the most valuable, effective way to market your expertise:


Because it’s changed the way businesses stalk talent.

LinkedIn is the most powerful job-hunting and recruiting tool today, and many business owners, employers, and recruiters stock their proverbial shelves here.

There’s no reason to go somewhere else when the sought-after game are all there, right?

So why aren’t you using this knowledge to your advantage?

Maybe you’ve believed LinkedIn isn’t valuable or necessary so you don’t even have a profile.

 Or you haven’t wanted to invest time into another social media platform without knowing how it works (there are only so many hours).

 Plus, you probably thought it was a one-and-done site, without need for updates (isn’t that what a resume is for?).

It’s time to reevaluate:

  1. There are 400 million people on LinkedIn (37% of the digital users in the US are there)
  2. With 3 million active job postings on the site
  3. 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet job candidates
  4. 48% use it as their only social media outreach tool
  5. CEOs have an average of 930 LinkedIn connections (and YOU could be one too)

linkedin-swirls-smSo if the only thing you’re doing with your profile is updating occasionally and waiting for the perfect job to fall into your lap, you’re hoping for luck (but making yourself a lame duck).

What if I told you that – in 20 minutes a day – you could increase your LinkedIn exposure? That – on top of that – a LinkedIn remodeling will magnetize (and monetize) your profile?

If you’re a corporate woman ready to enhance your reputation and grow your professional network, if you’re ready to be promoted, or find a new career opportunity, your profile needs a little TLC.

It’s time to grab a LinkedIn Extreme Makeover from me.

Maria's focus and experience made this an invaluable service for my business. I was unsure about how to approach LinkedIn successfully and she took that weight off my shoulders. I highly recommend this service for anyone wanting to step up their LinkedIn game.

Tania Dakka

Copywriter + Content Strategist, Badass’D Digital Ink

Gold Level Package (The LinkedIn Extreme Makeover)

The LinkedIn Extreme Makeover looks like this:

  • We schedule a 45-minute interview so I have a clear understanding of your goals
  • We discuss your strengths and weaknesses, and I tap into your true voice and personality
  • After, you get an optimized profile (yes, I’ll revamp your entire LinkedIn profile), making you easy to find
  • We hop on Skype for 15 minutes so you can get answers to your follow-up questions

The package gives you a polished LinkedIn profile (reflecting who you really are) and greater visibility for possible job leads and career connections.

I know first-hand (as a former journalist, communications professional and business writer) that building and maintaining relationships is the foundation of all successful businesses and careers, and there’s huge value in starting those relationships on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Extreme Makeover is perfect for you if:

  • You’re not yet on LinkedIn
  • You have a LinkedIn profile but it’s not bringing you leads
  • You don’t really understand the platform
  • You’ve thought about using it, but you don’t think you have the time to manage another social media platform.

For twenty years, I’ve been helping people leverage their connections to obtain clients, money and major media coverage.

I understand the unique challenges corporate women face when trying to connect with people online.

My methods work.

LinkedIn doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing. Let’s work together to turn your profile into a powerful lead-generating tool.

Before I started working with Maria, my LinkedIn profile was minimal and unfocused. Now my profile has a clear purpose and it’s easy to see what I offer professionally. I can use to confidently market how I’m able to help others.

Rena Williams

Health + Wellness Coach, Rena Williams Wellness

Silver Level Package (The LinkedIn Makeover)

The Silver Level LinkedIn Makeover consists of:

  • (1) 45-minute call so I’ll understand your company goals, strengths and weaknesses
  • Tapping into your voice and personality, I will optimize your headline, write a new summary and create a current role description that pulls in your ideal clients
  • 15 minutes on Skype to ask follow up questions

Prior to working with Maria my profile was outdated and useless. The new profile that she created for me is much more engaging and pretty cool. It sounds like me, reflects more of what I am actually doing, and gives me a professional presence on LinkedIn. Now that I have this great new profile, I’ve been using the platform more and even had one of my articles featured on Pulse. I would happily recommend Maria for anyone who needs expert and value for money advice on their LinkedIn presence.

Jen Turrell

Financial Personal Trainer, JenTurrell.com

Bronze Level Package (The LinkedIn Tune-up)

Is your LinkedIn profile getting results?

There are a couple ways answering that question could go:

  1. You said yes (awesome) but can’t tell me if it’s true (not so awesome)
  2. You said no (and rolled your eyes in frustration, dropped your chin in shame, and reluctantly scribbled down another to-do list task)

Ladies, you might be abusing the best social media tool to get you the job, the clients, or the notoriety you want.

LinkedIn isn’t a place to slack off when you’re trying to build your business reputation.

So how do you figure out if your profile has the potential to pull in powerful eyes and minds (read: clients, corporate head hunters or CEOs)?

You find an expert to dish out feedback such as:

  • What’s working well on your existing profile (and what needs to go)
  • The how-to to improve it (and the rationale for each suggestion)
  • Solutions to your biggest issues about using LinkedIn
  • A Skype 15-minute chat to ask follow up questions

It’s an analysis of where you’re shining and where we need to bring in more light: a revamp so you’re showing off how resourceful and powerful you are.

A LinkedIn Tune-up.

Plus, it’ll all be recorded as a reference point while you revise and review.

Your profile’s look can increase your shot at job leads, career options and client interest.

I’ll answer questions like:

  • Is your headline optimized appropriately (or at all)?
  • Can your summary be more powerful and results-driven?
  • What type of person is attracted to your profile because of the current role description?

Just like any machine, if you neglect LinkedIn you’re ultimately hurting the magic. Instead, let’s tune-it-up so people get down with your type of amazing.

Maria’s feedback gave me a better awareness of how I was presenting myself on both a personal and professional level, and she provided me with very specific instructions on how to improve my LinkedIn profile. I feel extremely confident that if make Maria’s suggested changes, I will have a polished and professional LinkedIn profile that helps me attract more business opportunities.

George Barnhart

Executive Business Strategist, TICE


LinkedIn Makeover
  • Interview session with a Senior Communications Specialist (45 min)
  • Compelling profile written for you (headline, summary, current role)
  • Review session where you can ask follow-up questions about your profile (15 min)
  • Profile uploaded for you


LinkedIn Tuneup
  • Feedback on your existing LinkedIn profile (what’s working and what isn’t)
  • Suggestions on how to improve it (and why)
  • Review session where you can ask follow-up questions about your profile (15 min)
  • Profile uploaded for you

There are 400 million users on LinkedIn. If used correctly, you can really pull in some cash.

Let me show you how.

Your investment today is a drop in the bucket compared to the salary you’re ready to earn.

I highly recommend this service. I worked with Maria on editing and reworking my LinkedIn profile to reflect where I'm at in my career today. I've recommended Maria several times, and will continue to refer to her services.

Haley Lynn Gray

Business Coach, Leadership Girl