Happy Clients

Executive and Career Coaching

Maria provided me with valuable assistance in my transition from my long-term position as a high school counsellor to become a leadership coach with the Yukon Government. She helped me align the job description to my skill set which made it easy to determine what the employer wanted, and see where my skills and experience matched. Maria also assisted me in creating the material and mindset that helped me nail the interview and get the job. If you are looking to switch careers, do yourself a favour and hire Maria as your career coach!

Tanya Lanigan

Professional Learning Coach, Yukon Government

Maria Lironi was beyond helpful as a coach. She helped me identify and break through personal barriers that were limiting me in my personal life and work. I have learned to cope with and better manage feelings of being overwhelmed and excessive behaviors/characteristics as a result. If you are looking to identify your strengths and work on personal growth, Maria is a solid coach—a real person in every sense—and her listening skills are superb. I recommend Maria highly.

Holli Hodgson

Volunteer Services Manager, Royal British Columbia Museum

Maria helped turn things around for me at a critical point in my career. I’m now in a role that engages and challenges me, while providing professional development opportunities that align with my overarching career objectives. In short, I’m happy. I look forward to going to work each day and I love my team. I can say without reservation that Maria was instrumental in helping me achieve my professional goals, and working with her was one of the best on the job decisions I’ve ever made.

Tanya Tighe

Manager, Organizational Health and Safety, School District of Abbotsford

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Maria’s ability to target my productivity block from a high level and distill it into actionable and effective steps was genius! The advice and resources she shared has repositioned and reframed my perspective from a disempowered place to one of inspired action and transformation.

Jacqueline Rimmer

Brand Specialist + Web Designer, JCR Studios

I found Maria to be a competent and insightful coach. Her intuitive questions and gentle but direct approach helped me to get to the heart of the professional issues that I wanted to tackle. Hearing Maria’s reassuring voice every week was a great encouragement and helped make our conversations flow. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Maria will definitely benefit!

Aaron Gonyou

Director, Marketing and Communications, Compassion Canada

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I approached Maria with a tough issue regarding which direction to take my business. I was spinning my wheels and I needed clarity. With Maria as a coach, I walked away with a strategic path forward and accountability markers to help me get there. No longer spinning my wheels, with Maria’s help, I am now devoting my precious time and energy to the things that I excel at. Maria has a contagious tenacity that can help anyone take their career or business to the next level and a seemingly unending supply of creative solutions, connections and resources. Without a doubt, she’s worth every penny.

Lisa Harrison

Senior Account Manager, Green Beauty Connection

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Maria coached me on finding and getting to the next step in my career. We worked on job finding and interview skills and I just have to say she was fantastic! It had been seven years since my last interview and she assured and empowered my confidence. She helped me create and anticipate interview questions and patiently worked with me to develop answers for them. We also worked through different question structures and how to phrase the answers. It increased my comfort level when it came to speaking and reduced my nervousness. Needless to say, I got that next step in my career. When it comes time for another leap, Maria will be my first call. Thanks, Maria!

Chris George

Technologist, Capital Systems and Technical Services, Alberta Health Services

Coaching for Writers

Maria Lironi was my writing coach for my best-selling book Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t as well as my copy editor for my book Trade Show Tips. As such, she added sparkle to my words and helped make each book a success. I value the skills, energy and enthusiasm that Maria has brought to my projects and would wholeheartedly recommend her services to others.

Michael J. Losier

Speaker, Trainer, Author of Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t

I have always prided myself on being a good writer—yet I find that Maria has a fascinating way of making my writing really pop. Her touch is gentle, but wow, what a difference she makes to the impact of my message! She is trying to gently “train” me to do this by myself, but somehow the interplay between us is almost too magical to give up.

Victor Harder

Executive Coach and IT Consultant, Ex-IT Consulting

Working with Maria Lironi has been a joy as well as a great benefit. I met Maria in 2002 while writing my book Law of Attraction for Business: How to Create a Business or Attract a Job You LOVE. The book was a two-year project and Maria fulfilled many roles as my coach, editor, teacher and friend. I knew she would take my writing to a whole new level; I just didn’t know how many levels she would take it to! Working with Maria was such an empowering experience that ten years later I’m back for more!

Rebecca Hanson

Law of Attraction Coach, Author of Law of Attraction for Business

LinkedIn Profiles

Maria’s feedback gave me a better awareness of how I was presenting myself on both a personal and professional level, and she provided me with very specific instructions on how to improve my LinkedIn profile. I feel extremely confident that if make Maria’s suggested changes, I will have a polished and professional LinkedIn profile that helps me attract more business opportunities.

George Barnhart

Executive Business Strategist, TICE

I highly recommend this service. I worked with Maria on editing and reworking my LinkedIn profile to reflect where I'm at in my career today. I've recommended Maria several times, and will continue to refer to her services.

Haley Lynn Gray

Business Coach, Leadership Girl

LinkedIn icon

Maria's focus and experience made this an invaluable service for my business. I was unsure about how to approach LinkedIn successfully and she took that weight off my shoulders. I highly recommend this service for anyone wanting to step up their LinkedIn game.

Tania Dakka

Copywriter + Content Strategist, Badass’D Digital Ink

I love the new LinkedIn profile that Maria created for me. It’s a clear, purposeful, and detailed  presentation of who I am and what I have done. Now I’m confidently sharing my profile with potential clients and using LinkedIn for my business. Maria is the first person you should call if you want a LinkedIn profile that attracts sales leads and customers.

Monique Pearson, Life Coach & Leadership Trainer


Before I started working with Maria, my LinkedIn profile was minimal and unfocused. Now my profile has a clear purpose and it’s easy to see what I offer professionally. I can use to confidently market how I’m able to help others.

Rena Williams

Health + Wellness Coach, Rena Williams Wellness

Prior to working with Maria my profile was outdated and useless. The new profile that she created for me is much more engaging and pretty cool. It sounds like me, reflects more of what I am actually doing, and gives me a professional presence on LinkedIn. Now that I have this great new profile, I’ve been using the platform more and even had one of my articles featured on Pulse. I would happily recommend Maria for anyone who needs expert and value for money advice on their LinkedIn presence.

Jen Turrell

Financial Personal Trainer, JenTurrell.com